Unforgettable Experiences

Therapeutic programmes tailored to help your mind, memory and mental health

Which area can we help you with?

Mental health – anxiety, depression & stress

Mild cognitive impairment & dementia

Neurological conditions

Who we are

Your bespoke creative programmes designed to help your mind, memory and mental health

What are people saying…

“I found myself doing things I would never have considered on my own. It was both informative and calming, and has helped me enormously.”


on finding her calm

“Certainly, I have come a long way in the last six months, my concentration has greatly improved particularly through my art and the sessions.”


on coming out of his shell

“The sessions have been a priceless experience for my father and I – at times he has seemed chattier in the group than he is with our family.”


on re-engaging with her dad

“The sessions helped to stimulate my father’s brain, and during the pandemic they also provided a social outlet for him that he otherwise couldn’t have accessed.”


on keeping her dad stimulated

“My teacher was brilliant in the sessions, she was so friendly and welcoming.”


on the value of a good teacher

“I couldn’t have got through lockdowns without these sessions. My knowledge has grown, and I really feel as though I’ve learnt something new.”


on gaining knowledge

“The group has been a life saver as it’s provided me with socialisation during the pandemic. I’ve also received great support with my technology.”


on staying social

“David needs help with the crafts now, but with help he has become more confident and having a go because it’s such a happy group. Five stars!”


on giving David a boost

“My sessions were enjoyable, useful and have sparked a new interest, often after a class I would search for more information about that topic.”


on finding new interests

Unforgettable stories

“It’s helped me so much with my memory. My children have seen a change in me while I have been participating – I am more observant than I was before. I feel a little more alive now.”

Vidya, with early-onset Alzheimers, on becoming more alive.

unforgettable experiences testimonial
Key Benefits

Our online therapeutic activities can help you:

Building social networks and connectedness

Language function and vocabulary

Problem solving, planning and prioritisation



Learning new skills

Thinking and reasoning