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Unforgettable Experiences provides therapeutic programmes which are proven to improve mental health and wellbeing

Stress, anxiety and depression are an unwelcome part of life for many people today. In fact, as many as 1 in 4 adults in the UK have a mental health concern. For some people, these feelings can be so severe that they interfere with everyday life. They can even impact your cognitive function; reducing focus and concentration, causing forgetfulness, impairing confidence and stifling communication. Some people can feel so overwhelmed they struggle to plan, prioritise and solve problems. What’s more, the challenges caused by COVID-19, such as social isolation and anxiety, have made the problem worse.

Unforgettable Experiences have created bespoke creative programmes to help you feel happier, more confident and better able to express yourself. Join us for a course of therapeutic activities designed to improve focus and attention through mindfulness and relaxation. Enjoy some time away from your worries and the boost to your emotional wellbeing.

Re-discover your passion and revisit a hobby you loved before, or try something new. Our programmes include arts and crafts, music, writing, history and photography, with each session designed to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

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Helping people like Bernard, who has depression.

“When I first joined in with Unforgettable Experiences, I felt a bit mixed-up and I was sceptical about whether it was going to work for me. But by the second class, I knew this was the right place for me; it gave me a meaning to my life. I could recognise everyone in class and make friends. Pui was very helpful and listened to what I needed and how I was feeling. This really helped me feel more confident in myself and I started looking forward to showing the class pieces of art that I was producing every week. At the end of my sessions, the classes had become a lifeline for me – so much so that I would be happy to pay to continue Unforgettable Experiences in the future.”

Key Benefits

Our online therapeutic activities can help you:

Building social networks and connectedness

Language function and vocabulary

Problem solving, planning and prioritisation



Learning new skills

Thinking and reasoning

Feedback from our healthcare partners

“Mental health services for older people have found Unforgettable Experiences services to be extremely responsive to patient care and staff needs with a passion for supporting people at the centre of everything they do.

We were able to signpost patients to a dedicated service that helps them to maintain cognitive functioning and improves their wellbeing. Each of the artistic sessions embody the principles of personalised care and cognitive stimulation therapy and are a great way to extend that support.”

Allison Cook, Tees Esk and Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust, Locality Manager for Older Adults Mental Health Services

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