Personalised care, technical support and live, creative and interactive artistic sessions.

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per session

Single artistic session

Technical support to get you started



per week

Personalised support package

Two sessions per week

Regular technical support

Save £24 per year



per month

£47.50 per month when signing up for 6-8 weeks (total £95)

Personalised support package

12 sessions over 6-8 weeks

Regular technical support

Save £48 per year

Autorenewal when signing up for weekly and programme sessions. Cancel anytime prior to renewal. 

Terms and Conditions apply

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Receive personalised support from our dedicated team to help you get started

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Discover your love for art and explore your creative side

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Receive technical support to get you set up and a helping hand into each session until you feel confident 

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Meet like-minded peers who share similar interests from across the UK

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Increase your emotional wellbeing and improve your memory -  20% improvement in just 12 sessions

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Learn new skills including how to get online

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