Affordable therapeutic activities

Research shows, the more you participate in the arts, like our therapeutic creative programmes, the greater the improvement in wellbeing and cognitive functioning, preventing further decline and providing long-term benefit.

Most of the people who come to Unforgettable Experiences are able to enjoy their first sessions free of charge. This is thanks to the fantastic partners we have with NHS Trusts across the UK. To find out if you’re eligible, register your interest or refer someone in your care and one of our team can help.

If you’ve enjoyed your free sessions and wish to continue, or you’re outside an area where we offer free places, we have three options.

Single course

Book a single course and pay-as-you-go.


  • Choose one six-week course and join us for 12 sessions.
  • Be matched with a digital buddy
  • Receive personalised support
  • Each course is tailored to meet your needs


one time purchase


Enjoy two courses, try a wider variety of programmes, or delve into the one you enjoy at a reduced rate.


  • Choose two six-week courses or stay on your programme for an extra 12 weeks
  • Be matched to a digital buddy
  • Receive personalised support
  • Each course is tailored to meet your needs


one time purchase


An increasing amount of scientific evidence proves art enhances brain function and wellbeing. By subscribing monthly, you will receive consistent access to our creative therapeutic programmes and special benefits at an even further discounted rate, saving over £100 per year.


  • Enjoy seven six-week courses (12 sessions per course) over 12 months
  • Access all our artistic disciplines – try each one to see which you like
  • Access taster sessions free of charge
  • Be matched to a digital buddy
  • Receive personalised support
  • Each course is tailored to meet your needs
  • Receive invitations to exclusive subscriber events
  • Receive regular subscriber newsletters


per month

What are people saying…

“I found myself doing things I would never have considered on my own. It was both informative and calming, and has helped me enormously.”
Drena Glover,

on finding her calm

“Certainly, I have come a long way in the last six months, my concentration has greatly improved particularly through my art and the sessions.”

Bernard Reubens,

on coming out of his shell

“The sessions have been a priceless experience for my father and I – at times he has seemed chattier in the group than he is with our family.”
Karen Mitchell,

on re-engaging with her dad

“The sessions helped to stimulate my father’s brain, and during the pandemic they also provided a social outlet for him that he otherwise couldn’t have accessed.”
Janet Hutchinson,

on keeping her dad stimulated

“My teacher was brilliant in the sessions, she was so friendly and welcoming.”
Olwen Hope,

on the value of a good teacher

“I couldn’t have got through lockdowns without these sessions. My knowledge has grown, and I really feel as though I’ve learnt something new.”
Karen Ellis,

on gaining knowledge

“The group has been a life saver as it’s provided me with socialisation during the pandemic. I’ve also received great support with my technology.”
Maureen Harrison,

on staying social

“David needs help with the crafts now, but with help he has become more confident and having a go because it’s such a happy group. Five stars!”
Nicky Little,

on giving David a boost

“My sessions were enjoyable, useful and have sparked a new interest, often after a class I would search for more information about that topic.”
Liz Taylor,

on finding new interests