Putting lived experience at the heart of innovation

Unforgettable Experiences were delighted to attend the Healthy Ageing 2021 Conference, held in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Centre for Ageing Better on 16th November.

Our CEO Victoria McMann was joined by UE Director Richard, amongst other wonderful guest speakers including VOICE director Professor Lynne Corner and Social Innovation Consultant Ali Fawkes as the panel discussed the importance of putting lived experience at the heart of innovation.

Speaking with older adults, their carers, families, health professionals and social prescribers to better understand the type of service that would best support them, we’ve worked towards developing a model that provides innovative solutions and puts lived experience at the centre. This means prioritising the individual and user-specific feedback in order to continue our journey towards helping to ease the lives of those with neurological, memory or mental health concerns rather than simply innovating to make the wealthy, wealthier and the healthy, healthier.

At Unforgettable Experiences, we firmly believe that lived experience is integral to the ongoing design, development and continuous improvement of any innovative service that seeks to improve healthcare. As discussed throughout the UKRI Healthy Ageing Conference, borrowing from people’s personal experiences and embedding those into a tailored product that prioritises personalisation and individualised support is critical to identifying and establishing solutions to customer’s pain points.

A number of valid points were raised by the panel and audience during the conference, with some discussion targeted towards the ways in which technology can contribute to social exclusion, isolation and digital poverty. At Unforgettable Experiences, we recognise how technology can often present as a double-edged sword for those who struggle to access and utilise it’s benefits.

We also appreciate that innovative solutions don’t always have to be anchored to technology either, and it is our mission to make our services as accessible as possible to as many different people as possible. We look forward to establishing our in-person social hubs and being able to offer our service to those unable to access technology from within their own homes. Listening to our customers’ concerns is an essential ingredient to generating innovative solutions, and we will continue to put lived experience at the core of all of our work here at Unforgettable Experiences.

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