Victoria shines again in the National Carers campaign

The UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing has recently published a campaign named ‘The Carer In Us’ that features our very own Victoria Burnip and Unforgettable Experiences. The video, inspired by caring for Gran, showcases how Victoria’s past experiences and hardships has led to the passion to help others and how Unforgettable Experiences aims to make a positive impact on other people.

Victoria states in the video “My heart and my passion is in helping older people, especially with cognitive impairments as that is what i went through with my Gran”

‘The Carer in Us’, Created by filmmakers Dan Prince and Sam Laverick in partnership with NICA, documents the stories of five local people who care for others in the workplace, the local community and at home. The aim of these films is to show the nuances of what it means to care. There are so many opportunities to innovate within the care industry, and we’re asking people to join us to change the way people think about care.


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